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Martial Arts For Kids

taekwondo for kids

The G3 TaeKwonDo program is designed to improve your child’s strength and agility. Our classes are led by certified instructors, training them in self-defense, awareness, and self-discipline. This program will grow your child’s confidence and self-esteem through the principles and practices incorporated into the skills they learn on and off the mat.

The Martial arts are proven to increase motor skills, awareness, and core strength, especially in small children at the prime stages of mental and physical development. Training young children encourages healthy growth, posture and balance, coordination, self-esteem, strong bones, muscles, joints, and a stronger heart. TaeKwonDo is a great source of physical activity, and it grows a healthy competitive spirit, which is essential when approaching adult life and the achieving of goals. TaeKwonDo also offers self-defense training, which is beneficial for your child to take part in, growing their self-confidence and sense of security.

Every child will have the opportunity to learn, be active, grow, and socialize! The Martial Arts greatest value for young learners is in the life application lessons they will receive. Most importantly, however, is that your child feels comfortable in their classes and that they have fun!

Whatever the activity in which you engage, do it with all your ability” -Ecclesiastes 9:10 


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